Herbal Medicine: What It Is, Advantages And Benefits, And Precautions Regarding Its Use

Prescription of herbal medicines is an increasingly widespread practice in ​​Nutrition. Come and discover more about phytotherapy. If you want to buy red vein kratom at this site, you can click here.

What Is Herbal Medicine?

Medicines whose raw material is exclusive of plant origin are known as phytotherapy. From a single plant, it is possible to use the stem, root, or leaves to formulate herbal medicines. It is noteworthy that medicines containing isolated active substances and their association with plant extracts are not considered herbal medicines.

 To be considered phytotherapy and take into account the traditional knowledge about the plant species in question, the drug must have its action proven through pharmacological and toxicological scientific studies to confirm its quality, applicability, action, and action risks of use.

 When using herbal medicine, it is necessary to be aware of the expiration date and the guidelines for using it. A specialist should be informed of the occurrence of any collateral or unpleasant symptoms.

Difference Between Herbal Medicine And Medicinal Plants

It is necessary to understand that medicinal plants are commonly used to relieve the symptoms of some diseases or even cure them. In general, people use this type of plant through the consumption of teas, infusions, macerates, and juices, among other ways.

On the other hand, phytotherapy arises from industrially using medicinal plants to obtain medicine. The industrialization process is essential to avoid contamination and correctly dosing many active ingredients suitable for consumption. This is essential to avoid poisoning.

Advantages And Benefits Of Herbal Medicines

Phytotherapies have their benefits confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Like all medicines, they must be used according to medical prescription and guidance, which is also valid for medicinal plants.

 These Are The Health Benefits Of Herbal Medicines:

  • The most cost-effective form of treatment, as herbal medicines are cheaper.
  • Fewer side effects.
  • Easier to obtain the raw material.
  • Provided by the Unified Health System (SUS) integrative and complementary.

Herbal medicines are widely used in medicine and nutrition, including to replace traditional synthetic remedies. However, as with allopathic medicines, medical advice is essential for herbal medicines to be effective and safe.

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