Olfaction – An All Natural Method of Health and Wellness

Our olfaction contributes enormously towards the quality and pleasure in our lives and wellness. Using aromas and fragrances in temples and places of worship, for religious events, at feasts and celebrations, but for the promotion of affection, health and wellness dates back so far as recorded history.

Aroma therapy, considered a fringe therapy 3 decades ago, has become a mainstream healing technique that concentrates on the application and inhalation of essential oils with regards to affecting an individual’s mood and health. And up to date scientific research into the strength of our olfactory sense to trigger recollections, enhance moods and improve health and wellness is giving our olfaction another attitude.

Within the last 5 years, pioneering items that make use of the olfaction for health, wellness and sheer smelling pleasure through the olfaction labis altering the way in which people feel the power and pleasures of aromas, scents and fragrances. A cutting-edge aromapod and non transdermal aroma patch delivers aromas straight to the nose from the user without scattering them in to the atmosphere. This enables for that discrete delivery of aromas that’s personal, convenient and non-intrusive.

Aromapods offers the healing advantages of aroma therapy via a distinctively designed inhaler so small they fit easily in your wallet or purse. By infusing the fundamental oils right into a small cellulous wafer, the aromapod eliminates the necessity to handle the volatile oils. You can now benefit from the health advantages of aroma therapy whenever and wherever you would like it.

The non transdermal patch is extremely sophisticated – no thicker than Scotch tape contributing to how big a thumbnail. Besides this small patch contain the aroma formula, it’s also made to be non transdermal so there is nothing absorbed with the skin and in to the blood stream. This will make our patches absolutely safe and free from any negative effects.

So as the pharmaceutical companies turn out vast amounts of pills and potions to change your body’s chemistry while using blood stream, our olfaction supplies a natural, non invasive method of better health and wellness. So, imagine making use of your olfaction to assist manage your feelings, alleviate stress, improve your energy, help curb cravings, increase your moods and treat a multitude of mental and physiological problems.

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